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Sample website

Personal Wedding Websites are websites that engaged couples to use to aid in planning and communication for their wedding. The websites are used to communicate with guests of their wedding and inform them of location, date, time, and a gift registry. Each wedding website is different, and a couple has to pick what is best for them.

E-vites are a money-saving and environmentally friendly way of sending invitations.

Website etiquette can become complicated when it comes to what information can be put on the personal site. Putting a gift registry on the website is looked down upon by some experts. Couples can put the registry on the websites but let the guests find it themselves. Couples are not to put events that not all guests are invited to on the website, such as the engagement party or wedding shower.

You may have some guests for whom an email invitation is not appropriate. Some older relatives, for example, may not use the internet or have an email address and will find it more accessible to respond to a traditional invitation. This doesn’t mean you need to get a paper invitation designed just for them, a hand-written letter or card is just as nice, and will certainly be appreciated.

Important notes;

  • See under package name for fee add-ons allowed
  • Add-ons can be purchased at extra cost with your package, over and above if you want more items designed
  • Newspaper & Kitchen tea invite & set not available as a free add-on
  • Add-ons only available as digital / electronic version – no printing
  • Add-on prices only valid for website packages
  • Monthly hosting is billed per month or the full yearly amount paid upfront
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