Can I only order what I see on this site?

  • No, you can contact me with a personalised request.
  • It doesn't matter how small or big the change I will always give you free advice.  I love doing personalised items.
  • Leave me a message so we can discuss it.

How do I contact you with a question?

  • Send me an email through the contact me page.

Do you have a retail store I can come to?

  • No sorry I don't.
  • My home is my office and my office is my home.  We can schedule a meeting if you need to discuss something face to face.

Will prices change on a quote? 

  • I try to keep my prices competitive, as low as possible and don't have yearly increase on most of my items.  However material prices is subject to inflation, rand / dollar exchange rate.
  • It is impossible to estimate what future prices on material will be.
  • Quotes is valid for 30 days only, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Prices may change without prior notice.

Payment terms?

  • All items to remain the property of Busy Lizzy Creations until invoice is paid in full.
  • Full payment on invoices is due, unless otherwise stipulated and agreed upon.
  • If part payment is done, then designs will be done, however manufacturing work will be done until full payment is done.
  • No cash payments on collections only, EFT will be accepted.
  • If direct cash deposit is done, ensure full payment plus bank charges is paid.  Invoice amount to clear in account.

Do you sell wholesale or to shops?

  • Yes I do.  Send me an email and we can discuss it.  
  • Please don't use my pictures without my permission.

Courier & Collections;

  • Orders is sent with a courier or you may collect directly from my office.  Full tracking email and door to door service available.  
  • Courier cost will depend on the item(s) ordered. I take the utmost care in wrapping and packaging each item.
  • Busy Lizzy Creations does not take responsibility if items is lost / damaged in transit to client, unless client has taken insurance and it was stipulated on quote / invoice.
  • It is the clients responsibility to indicate if they want insurance.  Claims are done through the courier company (not Busy Lizzy Creations) and items will only be replaced once claim is approved.  If full claim is not approved, then the balance (value of item) must be paid before the item(s) is manufactured and sent out again.

How does wood slabs work?

  • Consider the following when placing the order. They are freshly cut.  We have to go into the forest and select from the wood the cutters has put out for us. This process is weather permitting and availability.
  • We can not select a tree and cut it down just because it is the right size / shape / colour.  With this being said you can request specific size but I can't guarantee they will be available.
    • Under plates approx.: 20-25cm diameter | 2-3cm thickness
    • Cake slabs approx.: 30-35cm diameter | 5-7cm thickness
    • Ring slabs approx.: 10-12cm diameter | 4-5cm thickness
    • Coaster appprox.: 7-10cm diameter | 1-2cm thickness
  • After wood is cut into slices they need to stand a few days to dry. Although the entire drying process can take a few weeks and most of the drying will happen when it is at the client.
  • This is a hand finished product and not a treated factory item.  Eventually slabs will crack / loose bark (some or all) once they have completed the drying process.
  • Orders take approx. 21 working days. This includes, sourcing, cutting, cleaning and drying. It is weather permitting and rain might delay the process.
  • Slabs is only smoothed on one side, unless otherwise requested and charged for.
  • A note will be sent with the final order on how to store your slab(s).

Process of ordering and Design approvals;

  • Once and item(s) is ordered, an invoice will be mailed for payment.  See notes on payment terms.  
  • Once an invoice is paid, I will wait for the client to mail me the info needed to do the design.  Once I have received the info designs can take up to 10 working days to complete.  I will work as fast as I can, but keep in mind I am only one person doing my own manufacturing and creations.  The longer you take to send the info the longer it will take for the item to arrive at your doorstep. 
  • Once the initial design is done, then it will be mailed to the client for approval.  If any alterations is done then another mock up is mailed for approval again.  This will continue until the client is happy with the design. 
  • Once a design(s) is approved by the client, then only printing / manufacturing will be done. 
  • If for any reason you want to change the design after it was approved, then an additional design fee with be charged.  This fee will depend on time it takes to do the changes.  
  • If for any reason you want to change the design after it was approved and printed, then an additional and reprint fee will apply.  These fees are not negotiable.  The reprint fee will be the same charge as the original invoice amount.
  • Busy Lizzy Creations or any suppliers I use, do not take any responsibility to check work after it was approved / signed off by the client.  It is the clients responsibility to double check spelling and errors before signing off any work.  
  • See notes on courier or collection.

How long does my order take;

  • Orders take approx 21 working days to compete, from date payment reflects and designs are signed off (if applicable), unless otherwise stipulated.
  • All orders go into a queuing system.
  • I can accommodate rush orders under special conditions.  Send me an email to discuss it.
  • See wood slabs for lead time and info.
  • If you have placed a large order with various items, lead time might be longer.
  • All info required to finalise designs needs to be in 14 working days before you require them to arrive (wedding, event or collection date).  This includes guest names, menu's, seating arrangements and so forth.  

What happens when I am not happy with my goods? 

  • Each item is handmade, customised according to clients needs and special attention is given to orders.  If you requested an item to be made to look like something in a photo, then keep in mind I have my own process or way of making the item(s).
  • My creations is not made in a factory or a mass produced item.  I take the utmost care in making each item and wrap them before sending, however accidents do happen.
  • No refunds is offered as items are customised and can't be resold.  

How does cancellations work?

  • I understand life does happen and most times it is out of our control.
  • If a quote is accepted and invoiced and orders are cancelled (for any reason), a 20% handling fee will be charged.
  • The balance of the invoice will be paid back into the clients account via EFT.

Design fee;

  • Designs can take between 1-6 hours, depending on the complex of the design.
  • I charge a design fee per order or client, not per hour.
  • If you select a previous design then I won't charge a full fee for small alterations to the existing design.  We can discuss this.
  • © 2010, Busy Lizzy Creations, All rights reserved
  • All designs and work is the intellectual property of Busy Lizzy Creations and may not be duplicated or edited without prior notice and permission.
  • Design fee equals time spent creating work, not ownership of designs.

Disclaimer for electric products?

  • Busy Lizzy Creations does not assume responsibility and disclaims liability for damage, loss, or expense arising from
    improper use, operation, or installation of these product. Busy Lizzy Creations assumes such position due to the inability
    to control the conditions and methods of installation and use of said product(s).
  • These products is not intended to be used for long periods of time.
  • Keep away from small children.
  • The material used is SABS approved, not the final product.

Advertising / Social media; 

  • Busy Lizzy Creations has the right to publish photo's taken in-house and post these photo's, any time on our social media pages.
  • We don't need permission from the client to do so, however if the product(s) is a "surprise" then the client can request that we publish the photo's at a later stage e.g.: after the event.
  • Such a request should be requested in writing before collection and we will see within reason, if the request can be accommodated.